a multi-hyphenate.

Photo by Jinni J

Photo by Jinni J

Originally from South Texas, I moved to Austin, Texas to study Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Post-grad, I pursued a career in communications, startup management and experiential marketing, which led to the launch of group work in 2016. In the last two years, I've led 40+ campaigns and produced 100+ events and creative projects for culture- and community-oriented companies and brands.


fun facts.


1. I launched group work in 2016, with a vision of telling useful and impactful stories, combining my studies in communication, my passion for making sense of things and my background in creating sustainable start-up operations.
I also founded #bossbabesATX, a nonprofit that amplifies and connects women and noxnbinary, creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers, after working in multiple start-up environments. This has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever tackled, and I still lead its development.
3. In 2017, I was inducted into the City of Austin's Women's Hall of Fame for my commitment to community-building and sharing resources.
4. I’m a musician and a writer. This creative experience informs most of what I do and what I’m interested in.
5. I've kept a column at Forbes about creative entrepreneurship and lifestyle design for the last year or so. Read up!




SXSW 2017 Interactive Speaker

City of Austin's Women's Hall of Famer 2017

Nominated Change-maker for the 2016 United State of Women Summit by the White House

Best of Facebook Events Marketing 2016

Recipient for the University of Texas at Austin's Good Neighbor Award 2014