GFLN: Brand and Product Development

behind this project

In 2014, group work Founder Jane Hervey launched GFLN with another co-founder for Texts From Last Night, an online media platform with an 8M+ audience in 2014. Together, they developed the brand (including voice, look, feel and logo), the initial product line of tees, the fulfillment lines and their sourcing habits from top to bottom. In 2015, Hervey became the sole manager of the e-commerce company and led its efforts for two years, expanding the compapny's product line from 8 tanks to 100+ SKUs (including T-shirts, sweatpants, koozies, flasks, totes, duffel bags, mugs, sweaters and even condoms—more on that at another time). Hervey served as the brand's Creative Director and Production Manager, overseeing the company's photoshoots, product development, sourcing and fulfillment pipelines, communications (email, social media and broader advertising) and a small team of producers. Prior to Hervey's departure in 2016, the brand maintained multiple wholesale partnerships (with clients like Buy Me Brunch, Buzzfeed, Nylon and ASOS), and Hervey had increased the store's online conversion rate from 2.5% to 3.9%, with a collective following of 20,000+ users.