Austin Center For Design: Brand Identity And Communication Design

behind Austin Center For Design

Austin Center for Design is an interaction design school in Austin, Texas. Through a one-year, affordable program in design-thinking and entrepreneurship, AC4D’s students engage in an intensive curriculum that connects them to experts in design, fosters the autonomous development of their business and social impact ideas and embeds them in a community centered on development and growth.

about the project

In 2018, the Austin Center For Design went through a number of expansions, from a larger student body to roomier headquarters. With more data on its students and customers, as well as increasing visibility in the design world, AC4D recognized the need to develop a brand voice and internal communications process that would take the company into the next phase of its growth and cement its position as Austin’s premier design school. With their students’ and faculty’s semester already in full-swing, I worked on a short timeline with AC4D’s leadership to assess and analyze their communications strategy and devise a new plan and voice that accommodated for the company’s growth and allowed room for experimentation.

the resulting group work

After conducting interviews with AC4D’s leadership, as well as key members of the team, I performed a communications audit and an assessment of the company's marketing strategy and positioning. With this information, group work established a comprehensive communications plan for AC4D (across social media, website, blog, email and internal administrative communication), that also identified the company’s voice, look and feel.