Born Into this Conference 2018: Event Management, Experience and Communications Design

behind Born Into This Conference

Presented by Doula Trainings International, Born Into This Conference convened 110 birth workers and creators in Austin, Texas to explore the intersection of social justice, technology and creativity in the birth world. In 2018, the conference aimed to establish itself as a thought leader in its inaugural year, ensuring that the conference's two days of events presented a quality experience and strategically communicated with the audience present. The festival’s success was measured by ticket sales, online engagement and audience feedback.

about the project

One month prior to the conference's start date, Doula Trainings International approached group work to manage the event's production and communication with attendees, staff the conference's logistics team and complete a content marketing sprint to generate additional ticket sales. On this tight timeline, group work collaborated with DTI's in-house team and staff to ascertain the conference's experience, aesthetic and voice completely met expectations.

the resulting group work

group work designed Born Into This' communication plan, which included developing and executing a successful content marketing plan for Born Into This (across social media, website, blog, email and internal administrative communication), as well as attendee correspondence. group work also designed the conference's experience, staffing/managing all of the event's creative and logistics teams, as well as overseeing every aspect of the conference's production from registration to speaker management. These plans resulted in Born Into This' first successful conference.