Doula Trainings International: Brand Identity and Communications Design

behind DTI

Doula Trainings International (DTI) is an educational body, certifying doulas childbirth educators and lactation specialists with basic and advanced trainings across the world. Beyond their courses, DTI is an international network of doulas, united as advocates—for social justice, reproductive justice and professional growth. Together, they are on a mission to revolutionize the birth world.

about the project

Entering its seventh year of business, DTI has been through various stages of growth. From the development of its training programs to the launch of new conferences and initiatives, the company's ever-growing community of Doulas, instructors and social justice advocates has only been expanding. To keep up with this growth, DTI reached out to group work to develop a brand voice and internal communications process that distinctly met the needs of DTI's online community and externally positioned the company as the modern and inclusive thought leader that it is. With the publication of their new website looming in the distance (a project executed by Big Cheese), my team and I worked on a short one-month timeline to create a content strategy and communications plan that ushered DTI into its new digital digs.

the resulting group work

After conducting extensive interviews with members of DTI's team, performing a communications audit and an assessment of the company's market position, group work designed a comprehensive plan (across social media, website, blog, email and internal administrative communication), centered around DTI's role as a provider of quality and inclusive birth work education. This resulted in a distinct brand and messaging strategy, a training program for DTI's staff and a forward-facing press deck.