JUST Fest 2019: Event Management, Experience and Communications Design

behind JUST Fest 2019

Presented by micro-loan nonprofit, JUST, JUST Fest is an annual business expo, tamale competition and family-friendly festival celebrating resilient female entrepreneurs.

about the project

At the conclusion of their first annual JUST Fest in 2018, the JUST team approached group work to redesign the festival’s programming, messaging and production strategy with three particular goals:

  • to supply a platform of increased visibility to JUST’s clients and entrepreneurs

  • to increase community awareness around JUST’s mission with quality communication and experience design

  • to create sponsorship opportunities for JUST and its supporters

For seven months leading up to the festival on November, we collaborated with the JUST team to scout venues, design the festival’s programming, establish an internal and external communications plan, recruit staff and talent, as well as develop new messaging and marketing materials for the festival.

the resulting group work :)

group work created and carried out the festival’s core messaging and communications plan, which included a content marketing strategy (across social media, website, blog, email and internal administrative communication), as well as attendee correspondence, for four months.

group work also redesigned the conference's experience, staffed and managed the event's logistics teams, as well as oversaw the conference's vendors and contractors.

Overall, JUST Fest saw a 400% increase in attendees (from 150 attendees in 2018 to 600 in 2019) and the JUST team was able to use the festival as a tool to leverage sponsorship opportunities and garner public support for their mission. Ultimately, though, the festival was a testament to community-building. Using stories and portraits of JUST clients, small business owners and entrepreneurs, we created a visual storytelling installation at the festival that truly honored the resilience and strength of small business owners and entrepreneurs. (It now hangs in the JUST office!)

Click here to watch the full video recap by Carola Guerrero De León.

All photos by Hannah Delagi