one-on-one or group workshops

At group work, I offer six workshops, each designed to provide space, time and educational resources to those pursuing paths of leadership in creative entrepreneurship, nonprofit spaces or arts-related work. The sessions explore identity, collaboration, sustainability and entrepreneurial mindsets. Participants learn to create, audit and adapt strategic plans for small businesses, creative projects and community-oriented spaces.

session one: you are an organism

This course is a goal-mapping exercise, intended to help attendees identify their own values, mission, resources and needs. Participants will leave this session with the foundational aspects of a strategic plan for their personal and professional pursuits, as well as a framework for making values-based decisions moving forward.

(If taken within the intensive, the materials collected within this first session will be revisited at the close of the course and will serve as a guiding model for the sessions that follow.)

session two: ethics- and values-based budgets

How do we make use of our resources? How do we honor our needs? In this course’s second session, attendees will create energy budgets for their time, money and intangible resources, while also determining how to best meet the needs of their community. Participants will leave this session with the tools to create a financially sustainable business plan that can be implemented over time.

session three: creative collaboration

How do we work with each other and create structures for collaboration both within our organizations and without? The next session in the course will explore the methods by which we pursue collaboration and the structures of how we work with others. This session will also include a thought exercise in self-care and community-care that explores the constraints of human empathy and communication. Participants will leave this session with a digital toolkit and communication strategies for collaborating with others.

session four: examining bias, establishing policy

How do our values and goals translate into policies and principles? In this session, we’ll examine the ways in which our beliefs (both conscious and subconscious) influence our actions. Participants will leave this session with the foundations of a communications and operations plan for themselves and collaborators.

session five: a brand identity is more than marketing

How do we communicate our ideas with the public? The next session in this course will be a deep dive into the way that our values and mission statement for our work can be translated into authentic external communication with the public. Participants will leave this session with next steps for the creation of a brand identity guide and marketing plan.

session six: committing to personal and professional curiosity

That which does not adapt does not survive—so how can we as human beings with interests in social impact also evolve? For the closing session in this course, students will share what they have learned throughout the sessions, the next steps they will take for their projects, as well as determine what sort of mechanisms they will put into place to engage in a continued practice of learning, questioning and adaptation.

Each course can be taken individually or as part of a six-week intensive. Click here to say hi and learn more.